About Pacific Northwest Casting's Owner, Carol Grant

Carol Grant has been casting in Southern California for over 17 years!

This year, she cast a feature film shot in Washington & Idaho, she is bringing her expertise to the Pacific Northwest.   


We personally love the beauty and diversity of the landscape.   It is the perfect place to film a wide variety of projects!  We hope to be a welcome addition to production companies choosing to shoot here.


Our casting resume of more than 37 feature films and 11 television projects already lists our experience.

But to elaborate and show a few examples, let us share some interesting and fun facts!

We've had to cast and create:

  • Dozens of Wrestlers, and hundreds of their fans for "The Last Champion"
  • 14 "Dodge Ball Teams" (Including Lumberjack & Sumo Wrestling teams)! 
  • 20 members of a "scooter gang" for Tom Hank's "Larry Crowne".
  • Numerous High School Cliques (jocks, popular chicks, nerds, rockabilly, skaters, etc.)
  • Strippers and Pole Dancers, and the crowds that watch them.
  • Actual Marching Bands,  Mariachi Bands, Harp Players and various musicians.
  • 9 Little League Baseball Teams, to get haircuts and have fittings for a 50's period piece on "The Perfect Game". 
  • 12 teams of cheerleaders for "Bring it on" sequels.
  • Toddlers to photo double on "Lemony Snicket".
  • Children, waiting in line to see a "Bad Santa".
  • Numerous Newborns and Pregnant Mommies.
  • Photo doubles and stand-ins for some of the most famous actors in the business.
  • Hula Hoopers and Santas for "Alvin and the Chipmunks".
  • Variety acts for "Hop".
  • Downs syndrome teen actors for "Wakefield".
  • 1970's cars and drivers for period pieces like "Last Rampage" and "Tiger Hunter".
  • Carnies and Carnival goers for an HBO "period piece" series from the 1930's.
  • We could go on and on!  If production needs it, we will think out of the box and go the extra mile to find it.

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