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 Welcome to our movie set of "The Last Champion"


Details for our 'Movie Extras' working on SUNDAY, Jan. 29th

Of course, we hope that you will not ever have to cancel, but if you have an emergency and can't make it, please call us and let us know so that we have time to replace you...

You must check back again Saturday night before bed - Just in case there are any last minute changes


TIME:  Everyone should arrive at 7:00 A.M.,  This is a CHANGE, it is no longer 6:30 A.M., ...

You can expect to stay until 1 P.M.

Come already having had breakfast, we will have snacks, but you should eat first.


LOCATION and PARKING:  The Kibbie Dome - Scroll down for map

The map shows exactly where to park and where to walk in.   Check in on the ground floor of the Dome with Tyler.

WARDROBE:  What to wear and bring  

Everyone should wear casual clothing.  You are playing fans watching a 'final' wrestling match.

Our wardrobe department ask that you wear layers of clothing and bring at least one completely separate change.

We like muted colors and earth-tones. Flannel shirts, plaid, vests, and anything that looks country or rural.

Dress for winter. Jeans and denim are great.  Click here for a link to photos wardrobe suggests


  • Bright Colors
  • Clothing with Logos
  • Red, White or Black

Arrive with your hair and make up "Camera-Ready".
Ladies, come in with lighter, natural looking make up.   Eye make up should be minimal.



Bring your Photo ID and a pen to set.  

Be prepared to fill out a payroll voucher, which will mean you'll need your Soc. Sec. Number and a photo ID to be paid.

​Be prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement- No photos on set.

Listen to our crew members- They are concerned for your safety and will guide you.

Don't talk while we are "Rolling".  You may be miming conversation, but do not actually speak.

Talk softly when on set and while in holding areas.  We want you to have fun, but it is mandatory to be quiet.

Have your cell phones on vibrate while you are with us.

Do not bring guests to set.  Do not bring valuables to set. 


We need you to confirm with us that you read and understand these details...

AND that you will check back in the morning for any last minute changes.  

Confirm online here with your last name & phone number.   

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